10 Best Otome Games On Nintendo Switch, Ranked

Otome games are visual novels in which the player becomes the main character. You can choose a love interest route and make the characters fall in love with you. Many fans enjoy playing these games because so many have immersive worlds and intriguing characters that give them an escape from the mundane of everyday life.

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Otome games have grown in popularity over the years. While there are plenty of mobile titles for potential gamers to choose from, many prefer to play on their Nintendo Switch. The games are more expensive, but the world building, dialogue, and gameplay make it worth it.

10 Kitty Love – Way To Look For Love – has a unique premise and cute pastel aesthetic

Kitty Love – Way to look for love- is a lighthearted otome game in which the main character can transform into a cat. It’s a curse placed on her by a one-eyed black cat. Now she lives a double life as a functioning human member of society by day and as a feline friend by night.

There are five love interests to choose from, each of which could help break Honoka’s curse. However, the only way to get rid of it is with a true love’s kiss. It’s a super fluffy game with happy endings across the board. It’s available on the Nintendo eShop for $24.99 but is often found on sale.

9 Cafe Enchante is full of mystical love interests

Cafe magic is a mesmerizing otome game. After inheriting her late grandfather’s café, Kotone discovers that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Although it looks like a normal café, no one could have guessed that it is a favorite haunt of mystical beings like fallen angels and demonic kings.

However, government agents keep these supernaturals at bay, making business quite difficult for Kotone. The game is packed with beautiful character designs and an exquisite soundtrack that will keep fans immersed for hours. Cafe magic is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for $49.99.

8th Nightshade is set right after the Japanese Sengoku period

nightshade is an immersive, romantic otome game set shortly after Japan’s Sengoku period. It’s perfect for fans who are interested in Japanese culture and want a fictional story that makes historical references to the real world. Every love affair has two endings depending on the route the player chooses.

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Enju, the protagonist, is the daughter of the famous Koga clan. She spends her days becoming a skilled ninja. After receiving her first mission, she was ecstatic. However, she got caught up in a pretty shady deal and now she has to fight to get out of it. The game has mature content best suited for 18+ players and is currently available on Nintendo eShop for $47.99.

7 Birushana: Rising Flower Of Genpei has beautiful aesthetics and plenty of references to civil wars in feudal Japan

Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei takes players to Japan almost two decades after the Heiji Rebellion, a brief period of civil war. The Heike clan rose victorious, while the defeat of the Genji clan ravaged them for years. Shanao is the youngest surviving male heir of the Genji clan. However, Shanao is not really a guy.

The five routes for each love interest reveal new information about Shanao’s backstory and tidbits about the overall world-building. It also has an interesting mechanic called Love Catch, which allows players to see how their dialogue choices affect a character’s love for Shanao. The game is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for $49.99.

6 Code: Realize that ~Guardian of Rebirth~ teleports players to a fancier version of Victorian London

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ starts very bleak. Cardia, the protagonist, must live in isolation as her body harbors a deadly toxin that decomposes everything she touches. Others have viewed her as a monster, and she has always been told that she could never make friends or fall in love. However, Cardia’s life changed when the Royal Guards came to kidnap her.

Then Arsene leads a group of men to rescue her. Every love affair has either a good or bad ending with Cardia, so whether the game has a happy ending or not is up to the player. The game is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for $39.99.

5 The protagonist of Olympia Soiree is trying to restore peace, but she must first find a mate

in the Olympia soiree, the titular protagonist goes to Tenguu Island to perform a ritual that would restore sunlight to the world. She is the last surviving member of the White Clan and possesses the power of the sun. Olympia discovers the wonders of this island’s class structure and government and realizes how divided everything is.

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Olympia wants to restore peace to the country, but needs a partner to help him. Olympia soiree has six unique love interests, and playing through each of their routes is essential to understanding the world of the game. The game is available on the Nintendo eShop for $49.99.

4 Variable Barricade’s love interests have to work hard to impress the protagonist

Hibari is the heir to all of her family fortune and her grandfather is determined to find her the perfect husband. He bought her an expensive house and hired a couple of bachelors, all of whom worked hard to impress her. Despite her best efforts, Hibari swears that she will not fall in love with her.

Nayuta, Shion, Taiga, and Ichiya are some of the most likeable and memorable otome love interests of all time. It’s hard for the players not to feel a little bad for them. They all try their best to win Hibari over, but she doesn’t budge. Variable barricade is available on the Nintendo eShop for $49.99.

3 Collar X Malice is not for the faint of heart

Most otome games cover dark themes, however Collar X Malice is only recommended for mature players who can handle violent themes. It has a very dark, immersive atmosphere as players follow in Ichika’s footsteps. She is a police officer in Shinjuku who was kidnapped by Adonis, a notoriously mysterious terrorist organization.

Ichicka’s captors forced her to wear a collar and asked her to help an independent detective team solve a series of murders dubbed the X-Day cases. All five love interests are eccentric in their own right and it’s hard not to bond with them. Collar X Malice is available on the Nintendo eShop for $39.99.

2 Cupid joins the human kingdom as a bridal counselor at Cupid Parasite

Cupid’s father, Jupiter, is an overbearing helicopter parent stuck in the past. The marriages are dying and he blames Cupid for it. He doesn’t believe in humanity’s potential to find lovers without heavenly guidance, so Cupid comes to the human realm, takes the name Lynette Mirror, and joins the Cupid Corporation as a bridal counselor to prove him wrong. She becomes the top consultant in the company, but her biggest challenge is finding partners for Parasite 5.

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Each partner has eccentric personality traits that make them difficult for anyone to fall in love with. Players can take an ideal type test and follow a flow chart to track their progress. cupid parasite is a fluffy feel-good otome hit. It is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for $49.99.

1 In Piofiore: Fated Memories, players can return to 1920s Italy and fall in love with gangsters

Piofiore: Memoirs of Destiny lets the players travel back in time to 1920s Italy. Liliana Adornato, the protagonist, grew up in a church in Burlone. Three criminal organizations rule different parts of the city. The Falzone controlled Falce, the Lao-Shu ruled Veleno and the Visconti took over Creta. Liliana lived her entire life unaware that she was at the heart of their conflicts.

Whichever path players choose, Liliana will be drawn into the violent turf wars of the mafia. Each love interest has a distinct personality, from the incredibly lovable Lao-Shu chief, Yang, to the surprisingly compassionate Falzone boss, Dante. Each has a good or bad ending, allowing players to decide Liliana’s fate. Piofiore: Memoirs of Destiny is available on the Nintendo eShop for $49.99.

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