10 Best Multiplayer Horror Games

Horror games have traditionally been single-player games that focused on having the player all alone, with no allies or help against the terrifying enemies they must face. However, this is not a universal rule. Especially in the last few years, some horror games have pushed their way into multiplayer gaming.

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Some of these horror games are competitive and some are cooperative, but they show that the presence of others doesn’t automatically make a situation any less scary. They range from cooperative FPSs to cutscene-heavy narrative games and everything in between. Whatever a group’s taste, there’s a horror game they can play together.

10/10 The Quarry casts players as the main characters in a horror film

Supermassive games

The Quarry is the latest title from Supermassive Games and one that’s very friendly for a multiplayer setting. For a long time, groups played single player titles such as Until dawn by passing the controller around and letting each player control a character. The Quarry continues the trend of making games for this type of game.

The Quarry comes with two different types of multiplayer. In local play, players should take turns controlling each character. When playing online, the game lets players vote on decisions that may affect the plot. Both can be great fun for a group when playing through a well-written homage to classic horror films.

9/10 Left 4 Dead 2 is the ultimate zombie shooter

Valve Corporation

Left 4 Dead 2 is way on the action side of the horror spectrum. Players will make their way through thousands of zombies in a specific campaign, using all sorts of fun weapons to defeat the undead hordes. However, the game still harks back to zombie horror movies and strives to create a tense atmosphere.

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Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time. It offers groups exciting and addicting gameplay that forces players to work as a team. It’s also infinitely replayable due to its unique AI director. It’s still considered a classic and worth playing. Recent attempts to recreate his magic have failed.

8/10 Evil Dead: The Game combines cooperative and competitive

Interactive saber

Evil Dead: The Game is an example of asymmetric multiplayer that has been on the rise in recent years. Four players control heroes attempting to stop the onslaught of the dead, while one player controls the antagonistic demon attempting to thwart their efforts.

Evil Dead: The Game is a faithful declaration of love to the parent film series. It’s full of references, jokes, and Easter eggs meant to appeal evil Dead fans. However, it’s also a rewarding experience for those less experienced with the franchise. While not without its flaws, the game offers a unique blend of cooperative gameplay with PvP and a perfect action-horror atmosphere.

7/10 Dying Light lets four players share its unique gameplay


Although best known for its single player survival horror mode, dying light features a multiplayer component that allows four players to fight together against the zombie apocalypse. You can complete missions, explore Harran, and even complete the entire campaign as a group.

dying light also includes a competitive multiplayer element with the free Be The Zombie DLC. In Be The Zombie, four players compete against one player controlling the powerful Night Haunter zombie. The human players must destroy the nests that the Night Haunter spawns from as the Night Haunter tries to stop them by draining their lives before they can get them all.

6/10 Resident Evil 5 lets two players fight side by side


resident evil 5 breaks new ground for the series by allowing two people to play through together. previous resident Evil Games have multiple player characters, but only one can be played at a time. in the resident evil 5Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar fight side by side, allowing each to be controlled by a different player.

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resident evil 5 is not the most popular resident Evil Game. Some criticize the story, others the action-packed gameplay. However, it’s still a fun time, especially with two players. It has a loyal fan base and many players want the series to revisit cooperative campaigns.

5/10 Hunt: Showdown pits players against monsters and against each other


Hunt: Showdown puts the player in the role of a monster hunter, but makes monsters a secondary threat in the game’s world. As players hunt the monsters for bounties, they will have to fight through smaller creatures to reach much more powerful bosses. If they collect the bounty on a boss all bets are void.

The last minutes of Hunt: Showdown turn into a mad struggle for survival. When a player has a bounty, every other player in the game learns their location and can kill them for it. It creates a unique and exciting gameplay loop that forces players to make every shot count. Few games match the atmosphere of Hunt: Showdown.

4/10 The forest is a disturbing survival experience

Endnight Games

The forest gives survival horror a unique twist by emphasizing the survival aspects. Players must build tools, set up camp, and find food and water on an unforgiving island. However, the game doesn’t forget its horror roots: the island is home to many disturbing and strange phenomena.

As players struggle to survive, cannibals, mutants, and monsters stalk them. A terrible secret hides beneath the island, and it’s up to a group of players to uncover what it is. The forestmanages to perfectly merge a survival game with horror aspects. It bothers and challenges players in equal measure.

3/10 Dead By Daylight pits players against legendary horror killers

behavior interactive

Dead by daylight is a tribute to the slasher genre, featuring some of the genre’s most notable characters. Four players control survivors who must dodge the killer, activate generators, and escape. One player controls the killer who must hunt down, wound and hook the survivors to devour them.

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Dead by daylightThe earliest killers of are original characters that resemble classic slasher archetypes. However, the game features all kinds of iconic horror characters like Halloweenis Michael Meyers, Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker and stranger things‘ Demogorgon.

2/10 Cheating turns paranoia and distrust into horror

World Makers, Automaton Games

illusion takes a more horror-oriented approach than similar traitor games Between us. In this FPS, players are trapped with other people in a cramped, dark testing environment. Some of these people are innocent, others transform when the lights go out and continue to rage.

Players must work together to overcome them illusionChallenges, but cannot fully trust each other. Losing track of another player can mean death, but so does being held. illusion takes inspiration from horror movies like the thing and creates a great multiplayer experience from it.

1/10 Phasmophobia lets players identify murderous ghosts

Kinetic Games

Players do not attempt to kill or overpower anything within phasmophobia. You play ghost hunters who simply want to identify the beings that haunt different places. However, your presence is not appreciated; The longer players linger, the more likely the ghost will become enraged.

phasmophobia succeeds in an exciting balancing act. Players must dive headfirst into the horror to get evidence without their sanity dropping too much. It’s a game that rewards mastery while still being fun for beginner groups – and quite terrifying for both.

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