10 Best Games To Play While Waiting For Hades 2

The 2022 Game Awards dropped some bombshells among gamers everywhere, not least the surprise announcement of the sequel to Supergiant Games’ hit roguelike. Hades. Hades was met with overwhelming critical acclaim from critics, and fans are hoping the same experience carries over into the next installment in the series. With no official release date announced yet, players are excited to dive into the latest Hades The game will likely have plenty of time to throw itself into some equally great alternatives while they wait.

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While there are some exceptional roguelikes that keep the feel of Hades‘ Gameplay, there are some other action games that deviate from the roguelike genre but still maintain the tone and atmosphere of the game. For fans of gods, demonic underworlds, or devilish humor, there are plenty of games to keep Hades Keeping fans busy as they await the highly anticipated sequel.

10/10 Diablo was Hell before Hades

An image from Diablo Immortal.

Regarding action RPGs from the isometric camera perspective, Diablo is perhaps the most famous and celebrated of the genre. With its non-stop action, infinitely customizable characters and outstanding graphics Hades Fans will enjoy this series with a similarly infernal title.

That Diablo franchise continues to see new releases and expansions every few years, with a popular online mobile game, Diablo immortal, His latest release. Another big game announcement at the Game Awards 2022, DiabloIV, scheduled for release in June 2023; Fans of the legendary franchise assure that it won’t slow down any time soon.

9/10 Kratos from God of War also hates Hades

Kratos screams as he prepares to swing his Leviathan ax at a Tatzelwurm in God of War Ragnarok

fans of Hades‘ Fast-paced action and the theme of defying a Greek god will feel right at home in the series God of War Franchise. God of WarThe cinematic story, fantastic graphics and impressive combat mechanics are an integral part of the series and a must for every gamer.

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The latest entry in the God of War Series, Ragnarok, won more awards than any other game at the 2022 Game Awards, winning 6 overall. These included Best Narration, Best Audio Design and Music, and Best Action/Adventure; show how solid Ragnarok was in all respects. Another notable award Ragnarok the winner was Best Score and Music, an area where Hades also excelled.

8/10 Cuphead has all the dark humor Hades fans need

Cuphead intro cut off

Featuring a high level of difficulty, fantastic 2D art and even a deal with the devil, Cuphead has a lot more in common with Hades than most gamers might initially think. Presented as a cartoonish sidescroller for kids, Cuphead is a gaming experience that all ages can enjoy, but probably only adults will understand.

As players progress through the games’ increasing levels of difficulty, they can earn customizable power-ups and abilities that give the game a Metroidvania feel, even if its episodic nature leans more towards a Super Mario or megaman. Cuphead also has a decidedly dark sense of humor that Hades Fans will instantly identify with it, making it a great choice for adult gamers.

7/10 Dead Cells proves that death sells

A player who shoots a bow in the game Dead Cells

“Kill, die, learn, repeat” is the formula dead cells follows, for better or for worse. For fans of the roguelike genre, this playstyle will most likely lead to the better, and its increasingly challenging gameplay will feel right at home Hades Player.

dead cells is essentially Castlevania meets roguelikes, and that results in a surprisingly rewarding formula that adds to the overall atmosphere of the game’s impending doom. For fans whose favorite part of Hades died, dead cells is the perfect game for them.

6/10 Marvel Ultimate Alliance is Hades for comic book lovers

An image from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

That Marvel Ultimate Alliance series has been a staple for Marvel fans since the release of the first game in the series in 2006. In it, players take control of their favorite Marvels heroes while engaging in action RPG style gameplay Diablo.

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Playing as the X-Men, Spider-Man, Captain America, and other Marvel legends is often enough to pique fan interest, however alliance also has the gameplay to back up its star-studded roster. During Ultimate Alliance is a great single player, the game One-Ups Hades by allowing players to switch to multiplayer mode and have up to 4 friends join the action.

5/10 The curse of the dead gods is even darker than the underworld

Fall under the curse of the dead gods

curse of the dead gods is very similar Hades in many ways. The game is a roguelike that is both visually appealing and exciting to play, with randomly generated monsters and danger around every corner.

However, while Hades takes the lighter side of things by adding humor and light-hearted dialogue, curse of the dead gods takes a noticeably darker approach in more ways than one. A large part curse of the dead gods The gameplay focuses on the actual element of darkness that surrounds the player – the giving of the curse a sense of realism and fear.

4/10 Bonding Isaac is the quintessential roguelike experience

The boss fight against Delirium in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus

The Binding of Isaac is considered a classic in the roguelike genre and is at least partly responsible for the increased attention the genre has received since its initial release in 2011. The game’s dark yet silly storyline and simple yet endearing art style make it an entertaining experience for any gamer.

Hades definitely took hints from The binding of isaac in its sense of humor, top-down perspective, and high level of difficulty. like roguelikes Hades much to thank TBOI to pave the way, but both games are different enough to be enjoyed as entirely unique experiences.

3/10 Bastion puts Supergiant on the map

Bastion gameplay image from Supergiant Games

bastion is the game that put Supergiant Games on the map and features many of the same gameplay elements as its latest classic. In fact, fans of Hades you will find much that is familiar in terms of gameplay bastionincluding his camera perspective, multiple weapon styles, and a deep skill and weapon upgrade system.

However, Hades Fans can rest easy bastion is not just more of the same. It has a personality and a world that is truly its own. Players take control of The Kid as he attempts to discover the source of The Calamity, encountering terrifying beasts and monsters along the way.

2/10 God Eater has all the action Hades fans crave

The main actors swing their guns (God Eater)

Action RPG and anime fans will enjoy it god eater Series. The game also features the increasingly popular procedural generation mechanics that are such an important part of it Hades‘ style of play.

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In addition to procedural generation god eater had many other gameplay elements that make it similar Hades. His combat is largely weapon-based, with power-ups obtained over time after picking up items and applying them post-combat. While the emphasis on death is not carried over from Hadesthe fast-paced combat followed by the return to a peaceful, central “hub” comes into its own here.

1/10 Cult Of The Lamb has garnered a cult-like following

Torture and ritual circle in the cult of the lamb

cult of the Lamb has all the major attractions of Hades applied in its own way. Its dark sense of humor, cool 2D art style, religious undertones, and even top-down camera can give it all Hades fans the sense of nostalgia they seek.

However, cult of the Lamb is not just another sheep in the flock. It’s a truly original gaming experience that blends multiple playstyles into a complete package that just works. Players take control of the Lamb and lead their herd of loyal followers on a crusade to rid the world of infidels.

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