10 Best Games Like Sports Story

sports historythe long-awaited sequel of 2017 golf history, was finally released in December last year. Pick up from where golf history ceased to rein the main character sports history takes a trip with a group of golf enthusiasts and tries his hand at various sports, including tennis, soccer, and even RC cars.

The adorable visuals, quirky conversations, and driving narrative make it stand out sports history a great sequel to a very excellent game. Players who want more after graduation sports history try other games with similar vibes and gameplay.


golf history

Best Switch promotional artwork featuring the logo and the different colorful courses to play.

Those who haven’t played sports stories Predecessor should check out golf history. Developed by Sidebar Games, golf history is more than just a game that revolves around golf. It also has many RPG elements and an immersive storyline that will keep players hooked.

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The top-down RPG focuses on a golfer who aims to win the heart of his estranged wife by winning a professional tour. Its incredibly charming pixelated visuals are combined with witty characters and strong writing, making it a must-have sports game on the Nintendo Switch.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Trailer Overgrown Farm

While it doesn’t focus on a narrative involving sports, Stardew ValleyThe narrative, gameplay, and graphics of are very similar to Sports Story. ConcernedApe’s popular RPG is more than just a rustic farming RPG, it also has a sprawling narrative and fast-paced dungeon crawling gameplay.

The protagonist in Stardew Valley is a former townsman who inherits a farm in a remote town from his grandfather. Not only do they take care of their farm, but they also have the task of restoring the town’s community center by growing various crops. Because of its relaxed gameplay Stardew Valley has been hailed as one of the most relaxing games on the Nintendo Switch.

The tourist

The tourist

The tourist is an adventure game that offers a lot of fun puzzles for the players. Created by indie developer Shin’en Multimedia, The tourist dazzled gamers with its blocky graphics and voxel art. The game follows the mustachioed main character who is driven to uncover the mysteries Tourist island.

The tourist and sports history Both have a core narrative centered around exploring an island. Apart from that, however, both RPG games have cute graphics The Tourys is in 3D. The game’s addictive puzzle mechanics and stunning voxel graphics have earned it rave reviews from critics and gamers alike.


CrossCode Verification PS4

Another underrated top-down RPG on the Nintendo Switch is CrossCode. The sci-fi role-playing game revolves around a character named Lea, who finds herself in a fictional MMORPG world with no memories. Lea must traverse the virtual world and solve her mysteries in long-distance and melee combat to learn more about her predicament.

what does CrossCode similar to sports history is the captivating story and graphics in retro pixel art style. cross codes Combat mechanics and gameplay is more testing than sports history however, due to its challenging puzzles and need for a tactical approach to boss fights.


Celeste art featuring Madeline reaching for one of the game's strawberries, with the supporting actress in tow.

Nintendo Switch gamers looking for a challenge should check out the indie platformer, Celeste. In the game, a young woman named Madeline tries to scale the top of the eponymous mountain, known for harboring strange residents and having a difficult climb.

Aside from having a cute pixel art visual style, Celeste also has engagingly funny and entertaining dialogue, similar to what sports history has. The game also touches on heavy themes such as fear, mental health issues and self-discovery ⁠ – making the narrative impactful and relevant to those who choose to play it.

What the gulf?

What the gulf

Players who want some golf after playing sports history should try triband’s What a gulf, which can be played on consoles such as Nintendo Switch or iOS devices. The game has a simple gameplay where players simply aim the golf club and adjust its power so they can hit the pin.

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The gameplay is very minimalist, both in design and gameplay. So it’s a straight-forward golf game that offers a no-frills experience. Its levels are also very bite-sized, making it a casual game that players can leave and return to whenever they want.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports uses custom characters and not Wii Miis

The long-awaited sequel to Wii sports was released last year for Nintendo’s current console, the Switch. The game uses the Switch’s Joy-Con and its gyroscope functionality, which is then used to simulate movements in various sports.

Similar to sports history, Nintendo Switch Sports doesn’t just focus on one location and actually offers seven events, including football, volleyball, badminton, golf, tennis, bowling and sword fighting. The game was praised by critics for its clarity and simplicity, but received criticism for the lack of variety in its gameplay.

Knockout City

Player characters set in the futuristic titular city.

Developed by Velan Studios, Knockout City is a competitive multiplayer game in which players must throw and avoid balls, similar to dodgeball. The main goal of the game is to use balls of different purposes to eliminate enemies. Some balls can make the user bounce higher, while others can be thrown to hit an opponent squarely.

Gamers who want to play more team-based sports afterwards sports history could get fed up Knockout City. Although the gameplay is very different from the team sports in sports city like volleyball and soccer, Knockout City is just as exciting and thrilling.


Pyre game

pyre is a game developed by Supergiant Games, also known as the studio that developed the award-winning roguelike Hades. The action game features imaginative sports gameplay where players are tasked with controlling a team and destroying the opposing team’s ball.

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Beyond the sporting environment of the game pyre is also similar sports history in the sense that both have interesting narratives for players to lose themselves in. The game is also packed with stunning graphics, from the intricately drawn character portraits to the eye-catching animations.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush Unlockables Club Sets

That’s what a lot of gamers say sports stories Predecessor was heavily inspired by the Game Boy title MarioGolf. Because of this, fans of sports history it might be fun to play the updated version titled Nintendo Switch Mario Golf: Super Rush.

In short, the gameplay of Mario Golf: Super Rush similar to other golf titles where players have to swing a golf club and try to get the ball in the hole. However, the game manages to shake things up by including other exciting modes like Speed ​​Golf and Battle Golf.

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