10 Best Games If You Like Cult Of The Lamb

Massive monsters cult of the Lamb has been a huge hit on the indie scene since its release in August 2022. It follows a lamb who is forced to start a cult in the name of a mysterious deity. The game prides itself on being a mix of genres, from roguelike dungeon crawling to managing the cult and its followers.

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cult of the Lamb has a unique and refreshing premise that still draws comparisons to other games in certain areas. In the worlds of roguelikes, dungeon crawlers, and life simulation games, obvious names come to mind, but there are some more subtle ones as well. Regardless of the player’s favorite aspect cult of the Lambthere is a perfect sequel for everyone.

10 Nobody Saves the World shares a similarly chaotic energy

Nobody saves the world is an indie action role-playing dungeon crawler released in early 2022. He not only shares the aspects of dungeon crawling cult of the lamb, but both have over-the-top and delightfully silly art styles. This goes a long way towards making such a chaotic dungeon crawler exciting and memorable.

Nobody saves the world even thinks outside the box with well-known concepts. While the levels are procedurally generated, each dungeon has a modifier that requires players to change their loadouts accordingly. This level of customization will satisfy those who have enjoyed this aspect cult of the Lamb.

9 Enter The Gungeon is another wild roguelike

Those who like the roguelike elements of cult of the Lamb will enjoy it too Enter the dungeon. This chaotic bullet-hell, roguelike, dungeon-crawler hybrid is a complete non-stop system. Relentlessly pummeled by ranged weapons and projectiles, players must think quickly to avoid contact at all costs.

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cult of the LambCombat from also relies on constant dodge rolls, but is arguably easier to navigate. Regardless, both are incredibly strong entries in the roguelike genre, and fans of one will definitely enjoy the other.

8th Tunic is also a hit indie game from 2022

tunic is another example of an indie success story from 2022. This action-adventure game follows an anthropomorphic fox through a visually stunning world filled with fun puzzles and plenty of exploration. Its overall sense of wonder and addictive gameplay make it a must-read for fans of indie games.

tunic will remind players of the elders Legend of Zelda Play in her problem-solving and general aesthetic while still carving out her own personality. It may not share too many similarities cult of the Lambbut both are fun and clever 2022 additions to the indie gaming family.

7 The Sims franchise helped define the life simulation genre

The Sims Franchise is the first name that comes to mind when people think of life simulation games. Just like cult of the Lamb, the player first dictates how the characters look, but then what they do. In both cases, the happiness and survival of the characters is in the hands of the player.

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Since the release of The Sims 4 In 2014 there are now four generations within the franchise, with the earlier games generally receiving more positive views. For fans of the life simulation parts of cult of the Lamba trip back to The Sims 1 or 2 could be a fun and chaotic adventure rooted in nostalgia.

before The Sims came SimCity. While The Sims Games focus on specific characters and explore their lives, SimCity focuses on city building simulation. SimCity Games took on a life of their own, with many variants released over the years.

Selecting and constructing new buildings and landmarks while stockpiling everything needed to run smoothly is a concept that the SimCity games share cult of the Lamb. cult of the Lamb takes from many other genres, but for those who want more settlement building and management then this SimCity Games are worth checking out.

5 Terraria is the perfect 2D adventure game

terrariums is the perfect game for those who love to build and explore. It is often compared to Minecraft but in a simpler 2D form. terrariums is the ultimate action-adventure sandbox game, but it requires patience to learn the basics and get used to everything.

terrariums and cult of the Lamb don’t share too many similarities in looks, concepts, or styles, but both are inventive indie games that have carved their way to the top. However, they balance both fighting enemies and building a base. terrariums is available on multiple platforms and extremely accessible.

4 Dead Cells is another standout game that dips its toes in the roguelike pool

cult of the Lamb isn’t the only game that takes an ambitious approach to combining genres and styles. dead cells sees itself as a roguelike and metroidvania platformer, the combination resulting in a successful and exciting indie game.

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Those who enjoy the roguelike combat and exploration of cult of the Lamb think about it dead cells a logical next step. Both offer the player a whole host of exciting weapons and upgrades while aiming to survive the chaos that ensues. It may lack the stupidity that cult of the Lamb owns, but there are few better at capturing an intense and enjoyable 2D gaming experience.

3 Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a more relaxed take on the village management concept

animal crossing is a social simulation franchise by Nintendo that has been around since 2001. She has always been praised for her ability to help players relax while harnessing creative ingenuity. Since its release in 2020 Animal Crossing: New Horizons continued the same way.

Animals with unique personalities and designs are something that animal crossing informs cult of the Lamb. In both cases, the player presides over these characters, deciding whether they stay or go, or what their living environment is like. cult of the Lamb can take on a darker tone, but players can treat it like another animal crossing if you wish. Customizing a village and interacting with its residents makes for a less hectic gaming experience.

2 Hades is the epitome of roguelike

During the village management and social interactions of cult of the Lamb are similar animal crossingits action and roguelike aspects mirror those of Hades. Hades not only has the typical roguelike elements of procedurally generated dungeon crawling, but also adds its own twist to make it stand out.

published in 2018, Hades is considered the perfect package for roguelikes. The art style, music, combat, and storylines all work well together. fans of cult of the Lamb will not include the aspects of village administration Hadesbut you will get a typical roguelike dungeon crawling experience.

1 Stardew Valley is the pinnacle of successful indie games

The simulation genre of video games can cover many different styles, but farming simulation game Stardew Valley is the top dog. Since its release in 2016 Stardew Valley is not only an impeccable indie game, but now the benchmark for all games dealing with simulation or roleplaying games.

As in cult of the Lambthe player in Stardew Valley focuses on making her home better and more profitable while paying attention to relationships, exploration, and incremental progress. Stardew Valley The blatant chaos is missing cult of the Lamb brings, but it has struggle to complement the more relaxed parts.

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