10 Best Free Xbox 360 Games You Should Play

The Xbox 360 carries with it an intense sense of nostalgia for many gamers. The Xbox 360 was first launched in November 2005 and was an instant success, although it was initially scarce. As early as 2008, Microsoft stated that around 10 million Xbox 360 consoles had already been sold worldwide, with over 85 million units sold.

While new generations of consoles have come and gone and the Xbox 360 has left a fond but distant reminder of the past, some still use the console to play their older favorite games. While many games playable on the Xbox 360 still cost money, some are actually free to download for the Microsoft Store. Many fans of the older console may be wondering what are the best free Xbox 360 games.

Luckily we’ve done the hard work for you and taken a look at the top free Xbox 360 games available that are still playable on the console.

The best free Xbox 360 games

10. Dorito’s Crash Course

Dorito's crash course
Dorito’s crash course

Developer: Wanako Games, A2M
Editor: Microsoft Studios

Formerly known as Avatar Crash Course, Dorito’s Crash Course was released in December 2010 after being developed by Wanako Games. This 3D side scrolling platformer game was one of the finalists in the Doritos sponsored “Unlock Xbox” contest. The game was inspired by Japanese game shows and eventually won the second Unlock Xbox contest.

Players must make their way through challenging obstacle courses before time runs out. Each level has strategically placed checkpoints that provide a starting point for anyone who falls off course. There are three different locations to play including Europe, Japan and the USA, each consisting of five levels.

9. Harms Way

danger zone
danger zone

Developer: bong fish
Editor: Microsoft Studios

If you prefer driving incredibly fast, this free Xbox 360 game is for you. Harms Way is a racing game released in December 2010. It was developed by an Austrian indie developer, Bongfish.

The game was a finalist in the Doritos-sponsored Unlock Xbox contest. In this hybrid race and shooter, players will race across three different courses in a wasteland environment that just screams Mad Max. The action is accompanied by an amazing heavy metal soundtrack by Die Mognstaumbuam, an Austrian thrash metal band, and is available free on Xbox 360.

8. King Quest

king quest
king quest

Developer: The strange gentlemen
Editor: Sierra

King’s Quest is another episodic video game, but instead of surviving a world full of zombies or mutant humans, players find themselves in search of a knight. Developed by The Odd Gentlemen, it is a reimagining of the original King’s Quest series from the mid to late 1980s. This updated version is no longer point-and-click, with players able to take control of Graham as he travels the land in hopes of earning his knighthood.

Knight’s Quest’s controls use a one-button context, so the gameplay isn’t very complex. However, players can collect and inspect parts of the landscape during their powerful quest. Currently, players can play Chapter 1 on Xbox 360 for free.

7. Aegis Wings

Aegis Wings
Aegis Wings

Developer: Internal game team
Editor: Xbox LIVE Arcade

Aegis Wing is an Xbox Live Arcade game developed by Carbonated Games. Released in 2007, this side scrolling shooter packs a punch. Players take command of a tiny ship tasked with battling endless crowds of enemies.

As with many side-scrollers, the background is non-interactive throughout the game, but there are mines placed around specific areas that the ship can encounter. Players must make it to the end of certain stages and defeat difficult bosses. The ship is equipped with a single weapon, and power-ups can be collected to gain access to a super weapon that can be used for a limited time.

6. Hexic HD

Hecix HD
Hecix HD

Developer: Fizzy Games
Editor: Microsoft Studios

Developed by Carbonated Games back in 2003, Hexic is a fun, relaxing tile matching puzzle game and one of the best free Xbox 360 games. Gameplay is incredibly simple as players have to rotate tiles to create specific patterns. These hexagonal tiles come in different colors and can be removed by clustering.

Hexic was actually developed by none other than Alexey Pajitnov, who might look familiar to you considering that he also developed Tetris. Creating chain reactions and getting bonuses, which can be achieved by clearing more than three tiles at a time or bonus star tiles, will help players achieve higher scores. However, the ultimate goal is to complete the game by forming a cluster of black pearls.

5. Life is strange

life is strange
life is strange

Developer: DONTNOD
Editor: Square Enix

Life Is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure game. It was developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by none other than Square Enix. The full episode contains five episodes, all released in 2015, with several sequels released for later generations.

The story follows Maxine Caulfield as she returns to her hometown in Oregon. After witnessing an extremely traumatic event, her ability to rewind time is triggered. The first episode of Life Is Strange entitled Chrysalis is free to play.

4. Raid


Developer: real-time worlds
Editor: Microsoft

Crackdown was released back in 2007 and was developed by Realtime Worlds. This action-adventure game puts players in control of a superhuman agent who must defeat three crime bosses and their respective criminal ventures in Pacific City.

There are also fun side activities, including scavenger hunts and even street races. Crackdown features non-linear gameplay, so players are free to choose which missions and activities to complete, whenever they want. The agent’s skills will gradually improve as players advance in the game.

3. Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2
Resident Evil Revelations 2

Developer: Capcom
Editor: Capcom

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is another episodic video game with a free first episode and a survival horror-like game with quite a cult following. Developed by Capcom as part of the Resident Evil series, the game follows on from Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil 5.

Players will follow the story of Claire Redfield, who returns as the game’s protagonist, as well as Barry Burton, who is a playable character for the first time in the main series.

Set between Resident Evil 5 & 6, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 forces players to flee from terrifying mutant humans after being taken to a remote island in the Baltic Sea. Players can currently play the first episode for free.

2nd raid 2nd

diarrhea 2
diarrhea 2

Developer: Brawlers games
Editor: Microsoft

Crackdown 2 was released a few years after its predecessor Crackdown in 2010. The game was developed by Ruffian Games, which is now Rockstar Dundee. This action-adventure video game features open-world gameplay and is a direct sequel to the original, with many fans seeing it as a major step up from its predecessor.

Players take control of a super-powered officer dubbed the “Agent” who works for the “Agency.” The Agent is tasked with taking out Freaks, strange infected mutants that cannot survive sunlight, and The Cell, a terrorist organization. There are five skills you can level up along the way, including Agility, Firearms, Driving, Explosives, and Strength.

1. The Walking Dead Season 1 & 2

The walking dead season 1
The Walking Dead: Season 1

Developer: Treacherous Games
Editor: Treacherous Games

The Walking Dead is an episodic adventure game that is a spin-off of the hugely popular comic book series turned TV series and features an apocalyptic zombie-infested world. The game is developed and published by Telltale Games, a studio known for its episodic adventures, including Tales from the Borderlands.

There are five parts in each season, and players can play the first episode in both Season 1 and Season 2 for free. In the first season, players can play as convicted criminal Lee Everett, who has been given a second chance at life and must now exist among the undead. In the second season, players continue to follow the story of Clementine, a young orphan found by Lee Everett.

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