The Mommy Life (and a Curry in a Hurry recipe)

Sorry, guys. I left you hanging. More than a year ago I was going on and on and on about my pregnancy and cravings and musing on whether or not I had gestational diabetes. I was talking about my pregnancy body and pregnancy diet and all things pregnancy related and then…


Well, I am really sorry about that! You see, I totally wanted to shout to the metaphorical rooftops on every platform available that we had a baby girl back in December (yes, 2015!!). And I did, to an extent. I Instagrammed her pics. I posted on Facebook. I tweeted. But then when it came time to report back here, I lost track of time. I had the best of intentions to come back to this space and write a big long post about the end of my pregnancy, her birth, and life with a newborn, but then, you know, LIFE WITH A NEWBORN actually got in the way and I had little time to do anything besides feed her, change diapers, do laundry, and sleep. So, yeah, my post about life with a newborn could have been somewhat summed up in that last sentence.

But then there’s the other part about having a child. The part that includes the pure joy I get when I see her first thing in the morning, or when I come home from work and her eyes light up when she sees me come through the door. There’s the soft, sweet snuggles and the endless kisses I could shower on her chubby cheeks all day long. There are the giggles and the smiles that elicit such a strong emotional response from me that I sometimes find I have to catch my breath. Because I’m that taken aback by the pure love I feel for her in those moments…

One thing that I was unprepared for, though, was the lack of time I would have to cook. It’s gotten better, for sure. As the weeks with a baby turned to months turned to almost a year (what??), we’ve fallen into a new sort of routine. It’s different, for sure. While a year ago a typical weeknight might have consisted of working out followed by meal and smoothie prep for the next few days, I not only don’t have time for that anymore, but it simply doesn’t interest me as much. Other days, I am just too exhausted from balancing work with baby do deal with what now seem like more trivial household responsibilities. I still make dinners many nights a week, but they look different. I’m not afraid to add a canned sauce to my pasta or buy some pre-chopped veggies at the store.

It’s feels like there’s been so much more to cover in the last year. My birth story, my breastfeeding journey, my beautiful girl and the way she’s changed our lives immeasurably, the doggy jealously we’re currently just experiencing. I could go on for pages on these topics alone. But that seems overwhelming to me right now. And since this is a food blog, first and foremost, I wanted to come back here after a long hiatus with some sort of insight regarding food. So with that I’d like to share one of my favorite, super easy (barely a recipe) recipes with you — Curry in a Hurry. I make this several times a month, as it’s so easy to (almost literally) throw together, is filling and super tasty. I’ve shared steps for a similar recipe on my Facebook and Instagram, but wanted to share an official “recipe” here. This one is also amenable to many substitutions, such as frozen spinach in place of the kale, or chickpeas or some sort of other beans in place of the tofu.

And in the meantime, I’d love to hear from my readers (do you still exist??) about some other mom-related topics you’d like to hear about. Yes, I am raising a vegan baby and would love to share some of the recipes and foods she has been eating as she gets a bit older.

Curry in a Hurry:

Curry in a hurry


This entire recipe is made possible by Trader Joe’s, though you really don’t need to live near a Trader Joe’s to make it work. You need 1/2 cup of cashews. Make a cream sauce by either soaking cashews first (if you have a high powered blender just skip this step) and then blending the cashews with 1 cup of water. Set aside. I buy one of the pre-washed and chopped bags of Tuscan Kale from TJ’s (10 oz.) and saute it in a little olive oil. Once the kale has begun to soften and wilt, I add TJ’s curry simmer sauce (not the Masala sauce which is not vegan). But you can really use any vegan curry sauce  (if there is already coconut cream in the sauce, reduce the amount of cashew cream you use to your liking). Note that the TJ’s sauce is spicy and does have a kick to it. Next, I add cubed extra firm tofu (1 package drained and patted dry). I don’t pre-cook it but like to warm it through in the sauce. Finally, you will add your cashew cream and stir. Cook for a few minutes until bubbling, so that everything comes together. Serve over rice or cooked quinoa. My mom used to make something similar for us when we were kids (using frozen peas instead of kale) and it’s still a family favorite. Delish and soooo easy.

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