Heart Healthy Meals to Serve Your Sweetie

Clockwise from Top Left: Carrot Cake Overnight Oats, Skillet Fajita Hash, Banana-Omega-Chia Pudding, Super Simple Incan Quinoa

Clockwise from Top Left: Carrot Cake Overnight Oats, Skillet Fajita Hash, Banana-Omega-Chia Pudding, Super Simple Incan Quinoa

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day — the universal day of love (or, the day Hallmark says we need to buy stuff to show our love, however you want to look at it). Traditionally, our expressions of love come in the form of flowers, chocolates or fancy meals. Unfortunately, the latter two traditions can ironically have a negative impact on our hearts.

Indeed, the #1 killer in the United States is heart attacks, a disease that literally attacks our hearts, the symbol of love. So it’s funny (but not so funny considering that last sobering statistic) that on a day meant to celebrate love, we often do so by buying foods that are damaging our hearts.

A low-fat, vegan diet is the only diet on the planet that has long been scientifically proven to not only prevent but actually reverse heart disease. So while soaked oats and chia seed puddings might not at first scream “romance” to you, think about it this way: what’s more romantic than keeping your loved ones alive and healthy for years to come by feeding them foods that promote a healthy heart and prevent disease? I’d say, not much.

So on this Valentine’s Day eve, I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite heart healthy foods from this site — recipes that are completely oil–free, and many which are low in fat. If you’re really serious about getting your heart or your Valentine’s heart healthy, consider purchasing one of the following books to get the real science behind why a plant-based diet is the only sure way to a healthy heart, and for recipes, tips and more inspiration:

Here’s my list of oil-free or low-fat plant-based recipe favorites:


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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this great list – my husband and I aren’t vegan or vegetarian, but we are trying to slowly incorporate more of those options into our diet for better health. Since we aren’t used to it, it can be hard for us to come up with variety on our own.
    Liz recently posted..A Guide to Knife Edges

  2. Janae somerville says

    i just read your posts and noticed you haven’t posted in awhile and I wanted to see how you are, and praying your feeling better…..take care.

  3. says


    Thanks so much for checking in! That’s so sweet of you. It’s true I haven’t posted in some time. Actually, (knock on wood) I have been feeling pretty good lately, but have been extremely busy with work and know that it’s when I push myself too hard that my health always starts to suffer again. So I am just trying to take care of myself. I am hoping to post soon…I have a few recipes and post ideas lined up, so stay tuned! Thanks for checking in : )


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