Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Well, I’ve had my ice cream machine for a few months now and the novelty has yet to wear off. I’ve been making ice cream so much that I get antsy waiting for the bowl to re-freeze between batches. I’ve learned — and this info might be of use to others with a Cuisinart machine — that it takes over 24 hours for my bowl to freeze completely (even though the instructions say about 4-12 hours). That’s a whole day without making ice cream, which is quite the test to my patience (but probably for the best).

I know my posting has been a bit spotty lately. Trust me, I’ve been cooking, I just haven’t had much time to share my recipes. The transition from law school to the real world and wedding planning have taken on toll on my free time, which usually consists of posting here. But fear not, I have a lot of recipes in the arsenal that are waiting to be shared.

My blog posts also suffered a bit of a setback due to a broken computer. Not a broken computer as in low memory, slow performance, a damaged hard drive, or any of that. I mean, I literally opened it up one day and the screen just collapsed and parts started falling out. It had had enough, I guess. May I just add that it is not cheap to be technologically “with it” these days? A few months ago the screen on my phone shattered. A few hundred dollars later, I had a new phone and a new, more expensive plan. Same with the computer. I’m pretty sure they design these things to have a short shelf life. There must be some pre-programmed directions telling our electronic devices to break down after a certain period of time so that we have to go out and spend more money. Oh, well.

I’ve been on a mint kick lately. I just LOVE fresh mint. I’ve been putting it in my smoothies with frozen strawberries, Chocolate Greens Superfood Powder, soy or almond milk and a few drops of vanilla stevia. It’s so delicious — and a great energy boost! But the mint really makes it special. I’ve also been putting fresh mint into my salads. Stay tuned for a tabbouleh recipe with fresh mint this weekend or early next week. This mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe is made with agave, but the chocolate chips are actually made with the NuNaturals vanilla stevia in order to reduce some of the overall sugar. I’m usually try not to mix sweeteners in recipes (just one less ingredient to have to worry about), but here, I think the agave improves the texture and creaminess of the ice cream, and the stevia adds a nice hardness to the chocolate. I took a tip from Ricki Heller over at Diet, Dessert and Dogs and added some carob powder to the recipe to cut some of the bitterness of the stevia. You can always experiment with other sweeteners if you’d like.

Finally, I hope you all are enjoying the new site design. I tried to keep the general feel the same while making the interface a bit more user-friendly. I’m still working on some things (I am definitely not a coding aficionado, by any means) but I’m hoping you’re liking the look in the meantime.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream:

1 13.5-oz. can light coconut milk

2 teaspoons potato starch

1/3 cup agave nectar

1/4 cup fresh mint, minced, tightly packed

Chocolate Chips:

1/4 cup coconut oil, liquified

2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

2 tablespoons unsweetened carob powder

1/2 teaspoon vanilla stevia


1. In a large bowl, whish together coconut milk, agave and potato starch until starch is dissolved into mixture. Add in mint. Pour mixture into ice cream machine and turn on.

2. Meawhile, whisk together all ingredients for the chocolate chips until smooth. Set aside.

3. After ice cream has had about 10-15 minutes in the machine — or until the mixture has begun to freeze — slowly drizzle in the chocolate mixture. The coconut oil will harden the chocolate as it hits the cold ice cream, so it should break up into tiny little chips as it goes in. You may want to test with a small amount first just to make sure ice cream is cold enough.

4. After you’ve added the chocolate, continue to run machine until ice cream comes together to desired consistency. Serve.


  1. says

    We have a mint patch on the side of our house that just goes crazy in the summer. I can’t wait to make this ice cream with it!

  2. says

    Gorgeous, Beth! I love using my ice cream maker, too, to make dairy-free, refined sugar free mint chocolate chip ice cream. I don’t have fresh mint so I use peppermint schnapps (you can use extract, too) and baby spinach to give it a green color. Worked perfectly. Love the homemade chocolate chips you’ve used. :-) Ricki is so smart, isn’t she? By the way, there’s an alternative to going a day without ice cream … you just purchase another tub. Yes, you can do that! One of my support group members did that because she has a family of five and one tub of ice cream is not enough. So she makes one batch after another. But the same concept works for daily ice cream. ;-) Finally, new site design is lovely!


  3. Beth says

    Ricki — I would love to have a fresh mint patch!! Only a window sill here in my tiny NY apartment,though! Hope you like the ice cream!

    Shirley — Wow. Great idea about buying a new tub. Duh. You think I might have thought about that, but no….Your ice cream recipe sounds really delicious. Plus, with a spinach boost, you could really start to convince yourself it’s actually good for you! Thanks for stopping by! : )

  4. says

    Yum! That is my favorite kind of ice cream. I make it with a little different dairy-free base, but this sounds good.

    Love the site, it looks great!

  5. says

    Wow! This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it…..I’ll probably have to wait a while b/c of the elimination diet thing…but man oh man, this looks divine! :) Does the starch make it thicker and creamier without more cream? love that idea! Can I come to your house for dinner and dessert sometime!? ;) lol. You always blow me away with your recipes, knowledge, and beautiful photos. :) The blog is looking nice too! :)

  6. says

    PS. I also love the idea to use carob with the stevia to help it still taste sweet but not bitter b/c of the chocolate and stevia combo! Can you taste the carob? or does it taste just the same?

    Also, yeah! I would totally use just another container for your ice cream and make a new batch a day or two before you know you’ll be out of ice cream! That way, it’s always! on hand! :) Enjoy!

  7. Beth says

    Alisa — Thanks so much!!!

    Ari — If you’re ever in New York, the offer’s always open to come to dinner! : ) I love having visitors. You can taste the carob just a tad in the chocolate chips. Not too much, but it just mellows out the stevia bitterness a bit. It mostly still tastes chocolate-y. You’re so sweet, by the way with your kind words about the blog and recipes! And ditto to you, too!

  8. says

    Yummm…I love that you use Stevia & Carob – two of my favourite ingredients for desserts! Question: what use does the Potato Starch have? Is it like using Arrowroot in Ice cream mixes to thicken? x

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