Zucchini Pasta

Unless you have the knife skills of a Top Chef Master, you will probably have to get a vegetable spiralizer for this recipe. I got the idea to do zucchini “noodles” from Lexie’s Kitchen, one of my favoite blogs. Of course, this meant adding yet another contraption to our jam-packed tiny kitchen, but it was worth it. I did make sure to get the smallest spiralizer I could find, even though it happened to be the most expensive (ugh). I have to say, though, that so far it’s been worth the purchase, as I’ve made this zucchini pasta every day for a week, in different variations. I’d say something like this is essential for raw, grain-free, and low carb diets.  

I have to confess, I’m not a huge zucchini lover. There’s something about its sliminess when it’s overcooked or its starchiness when it’s slightly under or raw. So I wasn’t expecting to actually enjoy raw zucchini pasta, but I figured it was something I could force down every once in awhile when I was craving pasta. You know, for the sake of my health. And my waistline. And my anti-candida diet maintenance — something I haven’t always been diligent about, though I know I should be. But I was pleasantly surprised — shocked, really — to actually enjoy zucchini this way. Which is nice, since zucchini is rich in potassium, which can lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety. You probably won’t fool yourself into thinking it’s actually pasta, but I have to admit, I came close. At the very least, I fooled myself into thinking that my zucchini wasn’t zucchini. The “parmesan cheese” might have helped.

Which brings me to another topic: vegan parmesan cheese. I have a confession. I use it now (this is a recent development in my life). I actually, um, kind of like it. Foodies everywhere should have me blacklisted from the club. At any rate, I’ll own it. If you don’t have a problem with yeast, I’ve heard great things about parma!, which is soy-free and kosher. Since I’m starting to feel like nutritional yeast doesn’t always agree with me, I’ve been using Galaxy vegan topping, which I broke down and bought after three years of doing that thing where I picked it up and put it back on the shelf, not ready to commit to it yet. Of course, if you’re not dairy-free or vegan, you could always go ahead and buy regular parmesan cheese.

Zucchini Pasta Toss:

3 zucchini, stems topped off, put through a spiralizer (I used the medium-sized spiral blade)

1/3 cup kalamata olives, drained and patted dry, halved

1/3 cup oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, drained, patted dry and julienned (if tomatoes are not packed in oil, you can julienne regular sun-dried tomatoes and add some oil to the final dish — about a teaspoon, maybe)

3/4 cup fresh vine tomatoes, chopped, or quartered grape tomatoes

1/4 cup parmesan or parmesan substitute

1/3 cup flat-leaf parsely, finely chopped

salt to taste


Toss all ingredients in a bowl. Add salt to taste and maybe a little extra drizzle of oil if needed.



  1. Alexa says

    Beth, hurray … someone ACTUALLY tried something off my blog (that I know of) … thank you : ) I just saw your GFEF chicken meatballs. We were over at a friend’s on Sunday and she made these incredible elk meatballs—using wheat crackers. Miles (our gluten-free kid), got his hands on them before we could stop him and gobbled them up, agghh. Anyway, because he loved them so much I am going to try your rice cracker idea … TONIGHT! And maybe bison. Look for that post … when I get to it. Have a great week!

  2. says

    I’ve been coveting one of those spiralizers for a few years. I might have to break down….

    I LOVE vegan parm. Equal parts nutritional yeast and raw almonds, throw a little pinch of salt in. Whir in food processor. Lasts forever in the frig. Delicious on just about anything you’d otherwise sprinkle with parmesan.


  3. says

    This looks really lovely!

    However, I do have to confess – I feel exactly the same way about zucchini that you do/did (which is to say that I’m kinda “iffy” about it). After reading how much you liked this though, I’m definitely ready to give it a try…

    Thanks for the great recipe idea (and the gorgeous photo)! Yum!

  4. Beth says

    Aubree — thanks!! Let me know how you like it! I keep trying to get my mom to try this because she doesn’t like zucchini and I think she needs to try it this way. Your site is awesome! Thanks again.


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